True False Comes To Kquiz

I have updated and uploaded a new version of my online quiz application Kquiz which has added a True False series of questions.

The True False section their is not as many questions as the Multiple Choice section with some categories not having enough questions in them at the time of going to press.

Kquiz window

This application requires a working internet connection and wget. The data comes from the Open Trivia Database.

It is possible to add questions to the site your self.

I have also uploaded a short video of it in action.

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Become A Quiz Master with Kquiz Update

A new version of my quizing application Kquiz  has been released.

New in this version is

  • quizmaster option
  •  a bug fix

In the quiz master option gives 10 questions on the various subjects and difficulty levels.

Pressing the buttons puts the text where the cursor is.

The bug fix fixes the error when using the same category twice in a row.


The data comes from Open Trivia db  site and requires wget  to work and a working internet connection.

Kquiz First Version Released

I have released a new application called Kquiz a simple trivia application in which you can choose between many different categories and difficulty levels.

The questions are multiple choice between four possible answers.

It requires like many of my software Wget and a working internet connection.

The questions and answers comes from the Open Trivia Database site. If you register  with then you can add your own questions.