RandUser Gets Save Webpage

My Random User application RandUser has had a couple of updates bringing it up to version 1.02

New in this version is that not is using 1.3 version of the API, the save image has been improved with the fact that the path name is preserved and you can now save the data as a web page.

You can see an example here and here.

Think of RandUser as a lorem lipsum for data rather than text.

It requires a working internet connection and wget to work.

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You can watch a short video of it action

Put A Face To That Made Up Person

My  application  for creating random user data RandUser has been updated to version 1.01. It has a couple  of new features the main one is that displays a photo of the person concerned, with a new nation added Norway and another line in the address which is the name of the country.


RandUser can best be described as a Lorem Ipsum for people rather than text.

The data comes from the random user site and requires a working internet connection and Wget to work

Announcing RandUser

The first release of RandUser has been released, RandUser is an application for creating random user data like a Lorem Lipsum for for people rather than text.

The in formation comes from https://randomuser.me/ and requires wget to work.

This application is useful for people who need to create forms and databases with people data.

The release of this was hinted at Yesterday.