The Past Comes To Currency

I have updated and uploaded a new version of my currency exchange rate application Currency bringing it up to version 1.09

New in this version is:

  • Using version 7 of the API (more currencies)
  • API usage stats
  • View last 8 days exchange rates
  • Save the last 8 days exchange rate as a CSV file

This application requires a working internet connection and wget to work. The data is supplied by the Free Currency Converter site.

You can view a short video of it in action.


Minor Currency Update

I have uploaded and updated my currency conversion application Currency to version 1.08.

There is no new feature, just a change in the upstream API link, which stopped it working.

This application requires wget to work and a working internet connection.

The data comes from the Free Currency Converter site.

Currency Updated

My currency exchange rate application Currency  has been updated to version 1.07.

The update is to use the newer API from Currency Converter  which was version 3 but is currently at version 6. I don’t know what happened to versions 4 and 5.

One thing I do know that there is an extra currency available.


Please note this application requires Wget and a working internet connection.

A short video of it in action.

Currency Symbols Comes Currency

My currency application Currency has been updated to version 1.05 with a sprite of the currency symbol if it is known under the Country Info section. Also menu ticks on items selected and on the from and to menus items selected on the other menu is greyed out.

I will add missing currency symbols when I find them or people give me them.

This application requires Wget and a working internet connection with the data coming from The Free Currency Converter API site.