Menu Improvements To VKeyboard

I have made some menu Improvements to my virtual keyboard application VKeyboard .

The improvements are

  • Menu tick for currently selected board
  • Blank space in menus removed.
  • When first loaded menu tick for default board.

keyboardbefore keybardafter

Before image.                                           After images


Various Updates To Vkeyboard

I have made various updates to my virtual keyboard application vkeyboard, they are

  • New radio button added Lower which gives a lower case board
  • Caps button changed to a radio button
  • Shift button changed to a radio button
  • Better handling when swapping cases
  • Removed 77 limit on keyboards
  • Title bar gives keyboard name and what case it is in
  • Menu code improved
  • Added Dvorak UK keyboard.


I have a couple of ideas for future versions, 1 is a keyboard editor, creator and perhaps a shutdown button.