Get a vcard With MACadd

My application for displaying information about MAC addresses MACadd has been updated to version 1.05

New in this version is the ability to export a vcard with the company name and address so that you can import it into an address application.

The update is not going to be useful for most users of the application, but some may find a useful feature.

Their is a short YouTube video of it in action.

This application requires a working internet connection and wget to work.

The data comes from MAC Vendors site.

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Bug Fix For MACadd

My MAC address information application MACadd has had a little bug fix.

The bug was that if an invalid MAC address or a MAC address not in the database it would crash the application, that has been fixed.

This application requires wget and a working internet connection and the data comes from MAC vendors.

I have an idea or two for further improvements to the application which may happen if I can figure it out.