Some Updates To StreetFix

My applications for viewing and reporting problems in and around UK streets StreetFix has been upgraded to version 1.03

The updates in this version is mostly to make the application more stable which includes

  • Check for wget before application starts and if not present informs the user
  • Closes open files on a crash
  • Change of icon sprite
  • Pointer changes when over a clickable button that’s not obvious

This application requires a working internet connection and wget to work with the data coming from Fix My Street site.

GPX Comes To StreetFix

My application for reporting and viewing problems in a local UK area StreetFix has been updated to version 1.02

New in this version is the ability to save the report as a GPX file, which then can be imported into a mapping application like the excellent Risc OSM.

You can view a short YouTube video of it in action.

This application requires a working internet connection and wget to work.

The data comes from FixMyStreet.

Kevsoft merchandise.

Updates To StreetFix

My application to view and report issues in your area StreetFix  has been upgraded.

One of the upgrade is to fix an issue with HID  which caused a crash when using a scroll wheel.

The other upgrade was to fix a spelling mistake on the main window title.

This application requires wget .to work and a working internet connection. The data comes from FixMyStreet




Get That Street Light Fixed With SteetFix

My new application StreetFix allows you to view and report problems in your neighborhood.

Viewing problems is done by entering a UK postcode which then displays up to 10 latest reports and by clicking on the description opens up a web browser to that reports page on  FixMyStreet the data comes from.


Clicking on Report a Problem opens a web browser on the FixMyStreet reporting page which will send that report to the correct local authority.

This application requires a working internet connection and Wget  to work.