Bug Fix For Kweather

My worldwide weather application Kweather has had a minor bug fix to fix a conflict with HID which caused the application to crash, when using the scroll wheel on a mouse.

The update fixes this problem, their is no new features added.

The application requires a working internet connection and wget to work, with the data coming from the Open Weather Map.

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Will It Be Sunny Or Not Find Out With Kweather

hI have released  a new application  called Kweather  a weather application for over 200.000 locations around the world.

It gives the current and forecast weather for a 24 hour period with choices for imperial and metric measurements.

One point  to note  I think the times are GMT but I could  be mistaken,  as I’m  in England  the server could  be delivering  the times  as UK time.

It requires Wget  a working internet connection and an API key from the Open Weather  website.