Extract Images With KPDFutil

My front end for PDFutils, KPDFutil has been upgraded to version 1.01.

The new feature in this version is the ability to extract images from PDF files. I will add more features in upcoming releases.

I have created a short YouTube video of it in action.

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KPDFutil Released

A new application of mine has been launched called KPDFutil which is a front end to PDFutils.

At the moment I have implemented join 2 PDFs together, split a PDF into one file per page, PDF to Postscript and PDF to text.

With split PDF the several pages is saved inside ba directory. With PDF to Postscript you can select level 1, level 1 separate, level 2, level 2 separate, level 3 and level 3 separate.

I will add more components of PDFutils over time.

I have uploaded a short YouTube video of it in action.

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