Public Transport Comes To KevNav

My UK route finder application for RISC OS KevNav has been upgraded to version 1.02

New in this version is the ability to select public transport as an option to do alongside of small motor vehicles and push bikes. Another new feature is if metric is selected and the distance is over a 1,000 metres then kilometres will be used instead of metres.

With the public transport option you select the time and date you want to either leave after or arrive before. After a while it will display a route and may give a choice of other routes to use. Which can be saved as either a plain text file or a HTML file. Left clicking on the route description will try and launch an application that can handle KML files whilst right clicking will let you save the KML file.

I have a short YouTube video of the new features in action.

It does require a working internet connection and wget to work. With the data coming from the Transport API site.

IF you like my software why not purchase some of my merchandise or donate money through my Ko-Fi pages.

Thanks for reading this.


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