KevNav Released

I have released a brand new application for RISC OS called KevNav a UK route finder.

KevNav gets the shortest allowable route between 2 UK post codes for either small private motor vehicles e.g small van car or motorcycle and push bikes. You have a choice of Imperial or Metric measurements.

By entering the from and to post codes the application will then give a route with the distance and approximate time it will take to get there. The route can be saved as either plain text, HTML or KML file formats. If an application that can display KML files has been seen by the filer like for example the excellent RiscOSM than a map option can be selected.

It requires a working internet connection and wget to work with the data coming from the Transport API site, as used by both of my TrainTimes and BusTimes applictions.

There is a short YouTube video of it in action for your viewing pleasure.

If you find this or any other of my applications useful why not purchase some of my merchandise or donate some money to me through my Ko-Fi pages.

I have a couple of ideas for upgrades but I want to see how this holds at the moment.


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