Updates To TrainTimes

My application for UK train timetables TrainTimes has been upgraded to version 1.14

New in this version is the ability to save the station timetables on the current and future station timetable, which it’s sister application BusTimes received recently.

Also the contents of it’s scrap files are cleared on exit, it checks to see if wget is seen by the filer and if not informs the user and a more robust handling of open files on an error.

You can view a short YouTube video of the new features in action.

If you like my software you could give me a few quid through my Ko-Fi pages or buy some of my merchandise.

One thought on “Updates To TrainTimes”

  1. Using TrainTimes 1.14 I now get the error:
    “Trainimes requires ‘wget’ to run see the ‘help’ file where to download it from”

    I already have WGET which is in my Library directory.
    Also note that in the error message TrainTimes is spelt wrong.


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