BusTimes Versions 1.14 And 1.15 Release

My UK bus timetable application BusTimes has been upgraded to version 1.14 and shortly afterwards to version 1.15

New features introduced in version 1.14 is the ability to save the bus stop timetable in either plain text or HTML formats, a better description of the bus stop on the bus stop window, if their is no route timetable for a bus then that icon is greyed out, scrap files are cleared on exit, if the application crashes any open files created by the application should be closed and gives a warning if wget is not found.

The update from 1.14 to 1.15 was that a slight bug was introduced when greying out the no route timetable the application did not ungrey those icons again.

I have a short YouTube video of it in action.

This application requires a working internet connection and wget to work.

The data comes from the Transport API site.

You can purchase some of my merchandise if you wish or support my development through my Ko-Fi pages.

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