WiFi And Drop A vCard With QrCode

My Qr Code generating application QrCode has had another update with 2 new features. They are

  1. Drop a vCard file into QrCode to create an address Qr Code
  2. Create a WiFi login Qr Code

With the vCard feature you can export an address from an address book application like Organizer and drop it into QrCode to create a Qr Code with the details filled in.

With the WiFi feature click on the WiFi button on the main window and enter the WiFi login details and click on the Get Qr Code button and a Qr Code will be generated that will allow a Qr Code to be scanned in by a smartphone or tablet to enable it to login to that WiFi network.

You can view ba short YouTube video of it in action.

This application requires a working internet connection and wget to work.

The Qr Code is generated by the Qr Code Generator site.

My merchandise.

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