GPX Comes To BusTimes

I have updated and uploaded a new version of my UK bus timetable application BusTimes bringing it up to version 1.09

New in this version is the ability to save in other formats than plain text, they are:

  • HTML
  • CSV
  • GPX

The html information shows thectime, stop details and the ATCOcode, the csv file contains the same information plus the longitude and latitude of the bus stop, whilst the gpx file can be imported into the excellent RiscOSM so you can view where the bus stops are located.

The information contained in the gpx files is likely to change over time depending on feedback.

This application requires a working internet connection and wget to work with the data coming from the Transport API site.

I have uploaded a short vYouTube video of it in action.

Kevsoft Merchandise.

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